Jeff Lane, Magical Moments in Nature

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Jeff lane, Fine Art Photographer

I enjoy expressing myself artistically.  When I started to explore 35mm photography in 1977 I knew very little about it.  I enjoyed taking slides for many years but was frustrated by the lack of immediacy between the effort and the result.

I then fell in love with glassblowing for about seven years, during which time I sold work in several Seattle area galleries including two in Kirkland.

About the time that glassblowing became impractical for me, digital photography came of age and I became enamored with my new ability to get more satisfaction from my work.  Practicing my techniques and then immediately viewing the results accelerated my skills and ambitions.  I took classes, read, and expanded my knowledge. I was able to harness more technical expertise with my creativity.  I have also learned to get better results using more and more powerful tools for post-processing to take my images in a more artistic direction.  

I have been traveling to more and distant places and focusing more energy on photography now that I have retired from medicine.  I have been lucky enough to travel with expert photographers.  These experiences have further enhanced my excitement, opportunities and techniques.

Being a member of Parklane Gallery has helped me to interact with other artists and with the public.  I continue to enjoy ongoing educational opportunities through local photography clubs, classes and online courses. I have won regional and national awards and I have had a number of shows in the area.  It gives me great pleasure to share the beauty and excitement of my experiences with others through my photographs.

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