Cultural Diversity of Parklane Gallery Artists

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One of the joys that makes Parklane Gallery special is the opportunity for you to experience and appreciate art from a variety of cultures. Several of our artists were born in other countries around the world, and their artwork reflects styles and subject matter unique to their cultural background. We hope that you will soon be able to stop by our gallery and see them in real life, but until that time, each artist has a small exhibit in our online store.

* Piyush Arora is from India and his unique and dramatic non-representational abstract images glow.
* Hilda Bordianu, who is from Romania, offers serene paintings that are both impressionist and abstract in style, as well as artfully conceived pottery.
* Ilona Brustad, who arrived in the U. S. from Germany as a young girl, constructs delightful and intricate mosaic-like collages using tiny pieces of paper to create landscapes and figurative artwork that fascinates.
* Julia Goloshubin arrived on our shores from Russia, and her traditional oil paintings reflect her European background and training.
* Irena Jablonski is from Poland, and her skill as a professional artist is obvious in her impressionist figurative oil paintings.
* Geraldine Le Calvez comes to us from France and creates distinctive and unique 3-dimensional artwork using natural materials such as lichen.
* Leanna Leitzke is a self-taught artist from Europe, and her lively and colorful artwork is impressionist as well as abstract.
* Rachel Muller’s Israeli background is reflected in both her oil paintings as well as her delightful small sculptures.
* Aziza Saliev is from Uzbekistan and her vibrant and playful folk art features images that reflect her cultural origins.
* Sobia Shuaib began her early art experience in Pakistan, and her dynamic impressionist and realistic paintings focus on images of women as well as animals.

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