Marne Jensen, July Spotlight Artist

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Marne works with a variety of painting media including acrylic, collage, and colored pencil. Primarily an experimental painter, she likes to investigate the formal and conceptual possibilities of painting that reflect both abstract and impressionist compositions. She seeks out and enjoys new and different ways of artistic expression while also embracing the principles and elements of design as she creates interesting combinations of shape, color, and texture.

For her, the essence of painting is not to capture an exact physical likeness, but to aim for an emotional experience. She attempts to get past the mechanics used to reproduce a subject and instead capture the essence. The development of her paintings involves serendipity as she endeavors to create a visual story – rather than just reproducing what can be accomplished with a camera. When beginning a painting, she views it as unchartered territory with no road map – only potential options and choices that offer challenges where the journey many times becomes more important than the destination.

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