July Featured Artists

To be an artist is to believe in life.” Henry Moore

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July Featured Artists

Jean Burnett – Coupled with her love of photography she creates images that show the world in a magical light.

Ilona Brustad – uses small pieces of paper, much of it hand painted and printed, to create  “paper mosaics”.

John Cannon – I am completely self taught and have learned to embrace failure as a means by which I grow beyond what I think my limits may be.

Joan Frey –  signature member of Northwest Watercolor Society received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Holy Names University, California.

Forrest Goldade – I find inspiration in nature, the ocean and the mountains. I consider myself an impressionist realist.

Irena Jablonski – My figurative paintings are purely impressionist or influenced by the American post-impressionism or classical realistic. I paint with all I know and all I feel – I paint with my very being.

Geraldine Le Calvez – Some of my art pieces are created with lichens. This technique creates a 3-dimensional sculpture on canvas. Each lichen is individually hand painted, one at a time, with acrylic paint.

Phyllis McDaniel – has been a professional musician as well as an interior designer and professional photographer, displaying her fine art photography at the EAFA Gallery, the Schack Arts Center, Era Living and Parklane Gallery.

Aziza Saliev – My oil paintings feature bright colors that become even more vibrant in the sunlight. I like to paint disproportionate body forms, nature portrayed by strokes, and illustrations of cozy rooms.

Rob Tilley – A photographer’s greatest challenge is to create order out of chaos. I strive to create images that are graphically bold and simple, as well as emotionally moving, creating a bond between the subject and the viewer.


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