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“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist.”

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Parklane Gallery features contemporary artwork that includes paintings created with various media, eye-catching photography, digital art that is unique, and distinctive sculpture. But did you know we also have glass artwork and jewelry that dazzles? Our glass artists design and produce an array that glitters and glows and is guaranteed to fascinate. Our jewelers offer one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted creations you will love to wear.

Ginger Carter is a glass mosaic artist who constructs wall ‘paintings’ using small pieces of stained glass. She begins by creating a design on paper. Some favorite designs are florals, birds, fish, landscapes, and seascapes. For her, designing the picture is half the fun. She chooses glass that represents the subject matter and then transfers the design to a board. The design is traced onto tracing paper and each piece is cut out. The pattern piece is used to trace the shape in the glass and cut out using a glass cutter. Each piece takes from two to seven cuts. The pieces of glass are then attached to the board using adhesive or thin set. When the pieces have dried out and any extra adhesive picked out around the edges, the design is ready to be grouted. Finally, it is sealed, cleaned and polished. The result is a beautiful artwork ready to hang on your wall.

The creative team of Joel and Lori Soderberg specializes in creating unique fused and kiln-formed glass artwork. While their work is greatly influenced by the scenic Puget Sound, it also reflects the varied landscapes and vistas they have experienced through extensive travel abroad.
All of their glasswork begins with large sheets of glass that are 1/8″ thick. The glass is then cut into smaller pieces for assembly, placed into one of their eight kilns, and fired up to 1500 degrees, where it fuses together. At higher temperatures, the molten glass can either be pulled into murrini cane or “combed” using specialized tools, creating expressive pieces with unique and precise patterns. This husband and wife team brings elements of all their experiences together in their singular and expressive fused glass pieces which are sure to please the most discerning eye.

Artist Sandi Staples creates stained glass work using the centuries-old technique of mosaic. Each finished mosaic is composed of thousands of tiny pieces cut by hand, patiently shaped, then cemented and grouted for a smooth, beautiful finished piece. She feels great satisfaction in capturing movement and life with each piece and adding one-of-a-kind artwork to people’s homes that will last for generations.
She also makes fused glass jewelry, creating pendants by hand in a painstaking, multi-step process. Sheets of colorful stained glass are cut into small squares, stacked, and fused together up to 1500 degrees in a glass kiln for many hours, then cut into small pieces, rearranged, and fused again to create unique swirls and patterns. Finally, each piece is ground smooth by cold working and is fire polished for additional shine. Each pendant is then hand drilled, and a solid sterling silver snake chain is added.

Carol loves designing, cutting, polishing, and making beautiful hand-crafted jewelry using sterling silver and copper wire to create wearable art. She sculpts with wire, weaves chains with wire, solders and uses metal smithing to complete each one-of-a-kind piece. Her metal weaving forms interesting designs and shapes which wrap around unusual, rare and beautiful stones from around the world. Her work includes pendants, bracelets, brooches, earrings and pins. Each of her unique creations makes a design statement and tells a story.

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