August Featured Artists I

To be an artist is to believe in life.” Henry Moore

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Kimberly Adams In a culture full of stress and chaos, painting is my way of encouraging people to stop, pause, and enjoy the moment. When you walk into a room and see one of my vibrant landscapes, I hope you’ll want to linger in front of it. I always create a path into my paintings, and I invite you to follow that pathway to a better place where joy, happiness, and positive energy await you.

Piyush Arora I was born in India and moved to the U.S. for my education when I was in my early 20s. I have lived in many places including New Delhi and Punjab in India, and in Indiana, Florida, Michigan and Washington in the United States.

With my paintings I am interested in creating a space that feels familiar yet ambiguous and abstract, resulting in a composition which exists with a degree of independence from other visual references in the world.

Jerry Baldwin I had been a potter and taught ceramics at Bothell High for many years but decided to make a clean break and concentrate on painting. It’s been during the last years since retirement that I’ve learned direction and method in my work. I’ve settled on water media and pastel, and I divide my time between the two. In pastel I can paint my love of the Northwest in a representational way. In water media I’m more experimental and try to listen to the painting and let it tell me the direction. I try to work without any pre-conceived ideas about the final result

Heidi Barnett I have a deep love for color and life! I love the circular shape which I get from various items. You see in many of my paintings the circular shape breaks away the lines and the circle gives you a sense of movement. I am very excited about the work I am creating today and believe it shows a true sense of who I am. I will continue to work to share my love of life, color and texture on canvas. It is my passion and my voice in the world.

Hilda Bordianu I was born in Transylvania (Romania). As a child I enjoyed drawing and painting. When my mother suggested I attend an art school, my father discouraged such an idea as impractical so I went on to earn a university degree in economics. When my family and I moved to the United States in January of 2000, I found myself searching for fulfillment. I enrolled in a local painting class and it was as if I was born again. No longer am I constrained to a profession I find no pleasure in, rather, I can strive to depict the beauty of God’s world through my own paintings.

Ginger Carter From my earliest memory I have been compelled to create. As a small child my aunt encouraged me and gave me my first art books. Later, I graduated with a degree in art from the University of North Texas and taught elementary art. While still teaching, I continued to study oil and watercolor painting. Additionally, I took classes in stained glass and instantly became hooked on working with glass. In 1993 I moved to Kirkland where I taught in the Lake Washington School District until retiring in 2008. I returned to my love of working with glass and began creating mosaics. I enjoy all the steps in creating mosaics from the original designs to the finished “glass painting”

Joan Frey,   signature member of Northwest Watercolor Society received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Holy Names University, CA, and her fifth year teaching certificate from Central Washington University in conjunction with the Lake Washington School District

Joan taught adult watercolor classes at the Issaquah Community Center and at the Mercer Island Community Center. She also taught advance watercolor classes at Community University at Providence Point in Issaquah, and at Women’s University Club in Seattle. Joan has demonstrated watercolor for the Daniel Smith Art stores.

Marne Jensen Marne has spent most of her life involved in some facet of artistic expression.

“For me, the journey is more important than the destination (final product), and I try to push the edges in order to express some inner part of my own reality – which I continue to create and recreate through my art and my life. For any artist, I think what they create is a journey of self-discovery as well as a creative journey.”

Cristina Kramp I create art because it is something I love and because it helps me grow. Art teaches me to notice small details and is my way to freeze moments I want to remember.

As an artist and illustrator, I fuse my Ecuadorian roots with my American wings to create; think color and organic lines combined.I am blessed to know that art is my journey; a journey I happily share with my husband, our 3 kids, and our puppy Rusty (who is Burnt Orange, really).

Larey McDaniel  got his first clarinet and his first camera at about the same time. His music studies began in the fourth grade and the following year he inaugurated his new Kodak Brownie camera on a family trip to Glacier National Park. He’s been enthralled with photography ever since. Larey shoots with a Sony mirrorless camera as well as his always present iPhone and edits in Adobe Lightroom with additional adjustments in Photoshop.

Sandi Staples Local mosaic artist Sandi Staples enjoys creating unique mosaics for gallery, indoor and outdoor home settings from her Everett, WA studio. Her fascination with the colors, texture and possibilities of stained glass mosaic art and the beauty of expression through glass is her driving force.It takes many times more hours to create a mosaic than it would to create a painting of similar design.

Sandi has participated in several local exhibits. She also enjoys teaching mosaic classes and is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists.

Donna Wallace My love of drawing is expressed in most of my work; more specifically, the sense of flowing lines following the motion of hand & arm as they sweep down the page. It is rare that I paint anything without first working out an underdrawing or later touching colored pencil to paint in order to refine the linear expression. Another recurring theme that I love to explore is the juxtaposition of abstract pattern with very structured, detailed and “realistic” elements or subjects. The interaction and layering of these two opposites fascinates me and lends a depth to the work. Whether painting trees, florals or wildlife, behind all my work is a combination of playful abstraction, flowing line and finely drawn details


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