August Featured Artists II

To be an artist is to believe in life.” Henry Moore

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  • Julia Goloshubin A little drama, a bit of humor, and loads of creativity … all this goes into my paintings. I primarily paint with oil because of the vibrancy of the colors and the versatility of the paints. I always create my own original compositions; therefore each and every one of my paintings is absolutely unique.
  • Marcus Howell grew up in the farm lands and forgotten lumber mills of Dallas, Oregon. He is graduate of Oregon State University and studied art and classical animation at Vancouver Film School in B.C., Canada. After nearly twenty years in the gaming industry, he decided to follow his dream and began painting full time in 2015. He attempts to create paintings that will evoke strong memories and fond recollections.
  • Sobia Shuaib is a contemporary artist with work focusing on the emotional and physical entity of people and nature. She enjoys playing with colors to get across the meaning in each work.
    Born in Pakistan where art was considered a hobby, not a profession — so she worked on portraits and figures in her free time while her formal studies focused on business and finance.Sobia’s artwork is a play of colors and design which incorporates detailed realism and a flair of whimsy.
  • Jeff Lane I started taking photographs in 1977. I took slides for many years and had some printed for gifts and my own enjoyment. I turned to glassblowing for about seven years during which time I sold work in several Seattle area galleries including Carillon Point and the Lakeshore gallery. I returned to photography a few years later. I have been concentrating on wildlife along with panoramic landscapes and flowers. 
  • Silvia Portillo Sylvia Portillo was raised in Los Angeles County’s San Fernando Valley. Like most children she loved to draw. She is most grateful to her mother and her maternal grandmother for providing frequent visits to the Los Angeles County Art and History museums. In 1969, Sylvia moved to Seattle where she became acquainted with glassblowing, clay sculpting, linoleum and wood engraving relief printing. Her primary focus is now on botanical and wildlife art. Sylvia believes that scientific illustration is the perfect venue to combine her love of art and science. 
  • Nancy Bradley  has been wielding a paintbrush since she was a small child. By school age, under the tutelage of an enthusiastic art teacher, she was exhibiting her work along the hallowed halls of her school. She has lived and practiced her art in Colorado, California, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Provence and moved to Washington State in 1989. Nancy continues to travel the world when possible. She uses her camera to document her adventures, which provide many ideas for her paintings and continue to serve as a useful tool in her art.
  • Leanna Leitzke is an award-winning artist and has participated in many juried shows across the U.S. She began drawing at age three. Later, her mother encouraged her to draw the human figure believing, like the Renaissance artists, that the human figure is the foundation of an artist’s education. Being self-taught, Leanna enjoys the freedom of learning and is adept at painting in several mediums Her inspiration comes from people who love her artwork, and their gratitude keeps her painting.
  • Lisa Marie Kostal Photography was my first love. From shooting and developing film; to printing, matting, and framing black and white images – it saw me through my youth; accompanied me to school; and ushered me into adulthood. It taught me to be still; to notice; and to look for the essence in people, in places, and in things. Along the way, life got busy. Family and a career took up most of my time. Now, I am once again spending time with my first love. And oh what joy; what happiness; what a feeling of homecoming! 
  • Nam Kim I am currently practicing acupuncture in Bellevue, Washington. I am trying to obtain a well balance of Qi through several kinds of activities such as drawing, flower arrangement, and martial arts as ways of training in my health and life. I choose to draw horses, because I am able to create dynamic expressions through drawing horses and drawing horses helps me to balance my yin and yang through their powerful energy and calmness. To focus on feeling and practicing energy work I use limited mediums like charcoal, graphite pencils, and black (Sumi) ink.
  • Jeanette Stofleth is a lifelong artist who lives in Kirkland, WA. She creates mixed media surrealist impressionistic artworks on canvas. Each exclusive piece is visualized or sparks from meditation, intuitive unity and from lucid dreaming. Jeanette’s purpose as an artist is to spread love, peace and happiness in the world. Art appreciation can be both therapeutic and boundless to the artisan throughout the creative process and can also be greatly beneficial to the observer through their own personal perception experience. To observe the observer in both instances is to understand true unity eclipsed in the Self.


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