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THE WAYS OF WATER by Marne Jensen
WATER WORLD by Hilda Bordianu

THE WAYS OF WATER by Marne Jensen
Focusing on the qualities of stillness and tranquility, Marne’s paintings of water portray scenes of our planet’s most precious resource. Her paintings include styles that are impressionistic as well as abstracted. She frequently paints water scenes because she finds the variety of blues and greens calming and is intrigued by the reflections that water mirrors. When we look at water, it can be a shallow stream where we can see a riverbed, or it can be as deep as the ocean where we can only guess at what lies beneath. Water is fascinating and mysterious. It can be exciting to see, like the ocean in a storm, or can be calm and beautiful as we gaze at a lake. It babbles, it whispers, it roars. It has many ways.
For Marne, the essence of painting is not to capture an exact physical likeness, but to aim for an emotional experience. She attempts to get past the mechanics used to reproduce a subject and instead capture the essence. The development of her paintings involves serendipity as she endeavors to create a visual story – rather than just reproducing what can be accomplished with a camera. When beginning a painting, she views it as uncharted territory with no road map – only potential options and choices that offer challenges where the journey many times becomes more important than the destination.

WATER WORLD by Hilda Bordianu
Inspired by water and its inhabitants, Hilda creates peaceful, calming scenery. The water lily ponds, the calm streams reflecting the moon, and the atmospheric night scenes in their idyllic state invite the viewer to get lost in their tranquility.
A native of Romania, she finds the language of art an ideal way to express her feelings. Her paintings are windows penetrating walls and they are gateways between reality and imagination: a depiction of the artist’s intrinsic world. Painting is her means of reaching a state of tranquility, a relaxation that leads to obsession, and an endless interest in art. Inspiration comes from her personal impressions of the environment and all of the wonders contained within. Working with imagination, she is able to work on several paintings simultaneously allowing her to capture and record her thoughts while they are still vivid. While painting, emotions are her guide and the canvas is the mirror upon which they are reflected. Shapes and colors have their own emotional force as they allow her to explore and visualize ideas and sensations.

Aziza was born in Uzbekistan where she grew up surrounded by different cultures and traditions such as Uzbek, Turkish, Russian, Iranian and more. She has been painting since childhood and was inspired by her surroundings as well as the works of artists such as Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh, and Claude Monet. As a result, various traditional flowery designs and stroke-like patterns are common in her artwork. She likes to paint disproportionate body forms, nature portrayed by strokes, and illustrations of cozy rooms. Her paintings often depict images of girls who live and experience life as Aziza does, as well as the people who surround and inspire her.
Besides painting, she likes spending time with her family and two daughters listening to music, dancing, gardening, reading and working as a nurse. She is grateful that art has allowed her to be herself and to express and share her inner feelings and visions with others who are also inspired by art.


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