March Featured Artists

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Parklane Gallery’s March Featured Artists

March, 2021

March Featured Artist: Hilda Bordianu
“Contemporary Still Life”
Inspired by the colors and textures of fruits and flowers, Hilda Bordianu depicts simple subjects in a profoundly elegant composition. Bordianu deliberately varies the direction of her strokes, creating structure while adding dimension and depth to her subjects; allowing them to stand out from the background. The brushstrokes are visible and thus become an important part of the composition.

March Featured Artists: Joel and Lori Soderberg
“Peace, Love and Renewal”
With so many recent challenges, unrest and uncertainty, many have become emotionally raw and are searching for a way back to a world with more peace, love and caring. Utilizing bright colors and iconic forms, glass artists Joel and Lori Soderberg have created an energetic and vibrant path to hope and renewal through their iconic combing, floral and tapestry pieces.

March Featured Artist Shows run from March 4 to April 4 and can be viewed both in-person at the gallery Thurs-Sun and 24/7 online at


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