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May -June Guest Artists

Philip Carrico

I talk to wood and it answers. That to me sums up my love for printmaking which has been my passion for many years. The process is complicated and requires patience, focus, and an unexplainable desire to carve intricate patterns. I begin with a sketch which I fill in with colored pencils. This determines the sequence as you work from lightest to darkest. I transfer the sketch onto a block of wood and thus begin by carving away where I want the white of the paper to show through. I then print my lightest color using oil based inks. After each printing, I return to the block and carve away where I want that color to stay and print my next color. I have some works involving fifteen colors. Once the process is completed, the block is destroyed and no further prints can be pulled from it. So, each print is an original work of art.

Lisa DeBaets

Lisa DeBaets views her art as two-dimensional sculptures, molding and building layers while staying intuitively open to the possibilities of each painting. She begins with color, using bold, expressive strokes to reflect the spontaneity and joy felt while sliding paint across the surface, using any tools she can imagine. She says, “Color is my thing!”

Tracy Kay Felix

To me, non-representational art should have a strong sense of purpose. Paintings need to be about something. I consider my work to be abstract expressionist. My paintings are built in layers of color, texture, images and mixed media when it supports my concept. I feel strongly that creating a feeling of depth is important – both visual and of meaning. My art can be viewed literally or symbolic of larger ideas.

Jennifer Graves,

Jennifer Graves started Lolly Jo Lolli in 2009 after many years of jewelry making as a hobby. In those years she has explored many different mediums and found working with resin to be the element that brought it all together. Her jewelry is modern, with simple lines and bold colors. Originally from northern California, Jennifer currently lives and works in Woodinville, Washington.

Catherine M. James

The watercolors of Catherine James feature bright colors set off by rich dramatic darks. Using exquisite detail, her paintings explore how light filters delicately through leaves or shimmers through cascades of flower petals. Natural forms are choreographed to help the eye flow and dance through her paintings. The viewer is immersed in a healing tapestry of living plants and blossoms.

Ellen Kenny,

Ellen, born and raised in Lynnwood, WA, grew up figure skating and skated professionally with Disney on Ice, Ice Capades and Holiday on Ice.
After skating professionally, Ellen began her career teaching ice skating, it was there where her passion for design and creation grew. Inspired by nature, the ocean and things that sparkle, Ellen now loves combining different materials to make beautiful jewelry and wearable art.

Steve Jensen

Steve Jensen has been a working artist for over 40 years. Steve comes from a long tradition of Scandinavian fisherman and boat builders. He grew up on and around his father and grandfather’s fishing boats in the Seattle shipyards. Steve has solo exhibited at “SAM” Gallery, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Foss Seaport Museum, MoNA, Vashon Center for the Arts, Northwind Arts Center and Schack Art Center. His work was featured by Channel 9 “Art as Voyage: Steve Jensen’s Nordic Heritage”

Rohini Mathur,

A native of New Delhi, India, Rohini Mathur is a self-taught oil painting artist who now lives and works in Bothell, Washington. She creates vibrant paintings of colorful florals, botanicals and gardens that pay homage to the immense wonders of Mother Nature.

Inspired by this desire to express the beauty of the natural world, Rohini brings life to her paintings using her own distinctive style and interpretations rather than literal renderings. Her style is loose, abstract impressionistic as she paints from carefree abstraction to subtle realism with bright and bold colors.

Angshuman Sarka,

‘Texture of Time’ is a series of black and white landscape photographs. In this series I try to capture how landscape is shaped through forces of man or nature through time. It could be millions of years of erosion from water and wind that shapes a rocky landscape or a seasonal harvest of the few days that leaves the mark on the land. I am naturally drawn to these textures because they always tell a story. And for me, this creates a sense of attachment with the land.

Ed Thayer

My life has always been inspired and informed by art, nature, and geometry. Nature is an exquisite dance of order, chaos and connectedness: constantly blending and moving toward a balance of the tension, flexibility, and interrelatedness of elements, arriving at elegant forms momentarily capturing these relationships and the dynamic processes shaping them.

Susan Cohen Thompson

Susan was born in New York City and spent her childhood in New York where her perceptions of art and nature developed in city museums. Art became her way to visualize the natural world. After earning a BFA in Ohio, Susan worked as a fine artist in the Boston area and now has her studio on Camano Island.

“My art is about connecting with the Earth. Living at the edge of a forest, I paint about inner feelings of nature, how water and trees and birds are interconnected. Everything is flowing into everything else. Separation is an illusion. Nature is our DNA.”


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