April 2021 Featured Artists

Turn up the volume and view full screen to view the selection of
art in Geraldine and Kimberly’s Featured Artist Shows.

April, 2021

Geraldine Le Calvez
“The Opposite Attracts”
Geraldine’s art in this exhibition highlights the differences between form, shapes and colors as well as how we represent what we see. This juxtaposition emphasizes how we can enjoy innate differences, see beauty and understand how we can all have our own intake and interpretation from what stands in front of us.

Kimberly Leo
“Crystal Layers and Light”
Kimberly layers resin to create ethereal pieces. Mica, paint, and glitter are blended into resin to create the shimmer that one often sees in nature. Crystals and glass are embedded to add brilliance and texture. Resin’s uncured form is the consistency of honey. After several hours the resin begins to cure to a hard luminous surface resembling glass and crystals.

In the video below Kimberly Leo talks about her show and how she creates her art.

Video by J. Art Fox, Northern Fox Studios.

Parklane Gallery’s April Featured Artist Shows run from April 8 to May 3 and can be viewed both in-person at the gallery Thurs-Sun and 24/7 online at parklanegallery.org/store.