Parklane Gallery’s artists offer an unmatched variety of art for every taste and every venue.
I am originally from Uzbekistan in Central Asia where I grew up surrounded by different cultures and traditions such as Uzbek, Turkish, Russian, Iranian and many more. I have been painting since childhood and was inspired by my surroundings as well as the works of artists such as Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh, and Claude Monet. As a result, various traditional flowery designs and stroke-like patterns are common in my artwork.
My oil paintings feature bright colors that become even more vibrant in the sunlight. I like to paint disproportionate body forms, nature portrayed by strokes, and illustrations of cozy rooms.

Besides painting, I like spending time with my family and two daughters, listening to music, dancing, gardening, reading, and working as a nurse. As a result, my paintings often depict images of girls who live and experience life as I do as well as the people who surround and inspire me. I am grateful that art has allowed me to be myself and to express and share my feelings and visions with others who are also inspired by art.