Parklane Gallery’s artists offer an unmatched variety of art for every taste and every venue.
I create art because it is something I love and because it helps me grow. Art teaches me to notice small details and is my way to freeze moments I want to remember.
As an artist and illustrator, I fuse my Ecuadorian roots with my American wings to create; think color and organic lines combined.
Colors for me are so much more than a number or a name. Each draws a memory and a feeling. The lush greens of Ecuador landscapes remind me where I came from, and forest greens paint Kirkland, my home.
Blue is charged with learning memories: the exam books at Brigham Young University where I earned my BA in Visual Arts, the grid on calligraphy practice paper, and the marks of blue sketching pencils. Blue makes me feel accomplished.
I don’t have one favorite color, but it makes me happy to paint with yellow.

I am blessed to know that art is my journey; a journey I happily share with my husband, our 3 kids, and our puppy Rusty (who is Burnt Orange, really).