August Featured Artists

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Zac Aquino: Spread the Culture

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Zac Aquino tell about his August 2022 featured artist show.


August 3 – September 4, 2022

 Zac AquinoSpread The Culture

Zac Aquino presents his new collection, an intertwining of math, geometry, tessellations, and the concept of the infinite. Very much inspired by traditional Filipino tattoo patterns and motifs, Aquino creates his art to embrace his cultural roots; allowing him to reconnect to his identity and rich ancestral heritage and traditions.

 Lisa Marie Kostal: Of Beauty, Grace, Strength and Power

Set in the exquisite light and colors of autumn, Lisa Marie Kostal presents a collection of rich, warm images showcasing the magnificent strength, grace, beauty and power of the horse.

 Join us for the artists’ reception: Saturday, August 13 from 5-7 PM

 Parklane is open Wed – Sun 11 AM – 7 PM. Artwork can also be viewed anytime at our online store during the show dates.