The 2023 Miniature Show
Award Winners


Best in Show – David J. Teter – “Cross Street Maple”

First Place – Gail Martinez – “Snohomish Glow”
Second Place – Judy Lalingo – “Top of the World”
Third Place – Akiko Watanabe – “Sunset Watcher II”
Honorable Mention Abstract – Judy Kalin – “The Basin”
Honorable Mention Floral – Leanna Leitzke – “Cardinal & Flowers”
Honorable Mention Landscape – Linda Rossin – “Autumn in the Barrens”
Honorable Mention Wildlife – Beverly Abbott – “Waiting for Sunset”
Honorable Mention Chair’s Choice – Hilda Bordianu – “Yellow Roses”
Honorable Mention Chair’s Choice – Autumn Kegley – “Greenlake Reflections I”
Honorable Mention – Lonetta Avelar – “Sweet Faced”
Honorable Mention – Sue deLearie Adair – “Clothesline Cutie”
Honorable Mention – Judith Edgington Bayes – “Autumn Rising #3”
Honorable Mention – Linda Rossin – “Vodka Would Be Better”
Honorable Mention – Judy Schrader – “German Shepherd Pup”
Honorable Mention – Mary Serfass – “Autumn at Jacobsburg”
Honorable Mention – Sue Wall – “Sacred Vessels”
Honorable Mention – Donna Wallace – “Caught Ya!”


About the Juror: Beverly Fotheringham
Beverly Fotheringham is a prolific artist in all forms of water media, watercolor, acrylic, mixed water media, and miniatures. Beverly earned her initial reputation in the Pacific Northwest, where she became widely recognized for her unique style of watercolor and mixed water media painting. Beverly has evolved a highly personal style that reflects her deep interest and understanding in the techniques and formal structure of classical painting. The discipline of golden section geometry and her years of formal artistic training show through her work as a confident competency that is often startling to those who encounter her work for the first time. Beverly is a member of the National Watercolor Society, The Northwest Watercolor Society and The Miniature Artists of America.


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