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January 2022 Featured Artists

January 6 – February 6, 2022

Kimberly Adams
Exploration of Color
Finger painting artist Kimberly Adams brings us an exploration of color. Her paintings ignite the imagination with vibrant, textured oil paint as she re-envisions the ordinary with an impressionistic twist.

Jeanette Stofleth

Stofleth presents a project that reflects the continuum of soul and the awakening of spirit featuring shimmering water images, mirage-like patterns and fire elements. Color movement corresponds to the energies of life-force impressions representing the Vajrayana essences: indestructible eternal “wind.” In black, awareness cuts off of extreme clarity while brilliant light energy refracts circle prisms — enjoying their beauty.

February 2022 Featured Artists

February 10 – March 6, 2022

Kimberly Leo
In Search of Heart: A Pop Heart Series

The heart is a symbol loaded with deep metaphors. One of the most popular emojis is indeed the heart. Visual artists, poets, and rock stars alike have been exploring the heart since what seems like the beginning of time. This collection which I call my pop heart series is a tribute to all that have been enamored by the heart.

Rob Tilley
Colors of the Pacific Northwest

Photographer Rob Tilley’s “Colors of the Pacific Northwest” showcases images from across the Pacific Northwest from the Emerald City to the Cascade Mountains, the rolling landscape of the Palouse and the verdant Columbia River Gorge. All of the photographs are printed on aluminum and almost look like windows to the actual scenes.

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Stephen Zapantis
Black and White Photography

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Zac Aquino
Acrylics and Mirrors

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Malcolm Moses
Acrylic on Canvas

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Patricia J Richardson
Oil Paintings on Canvas.

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