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September 2022 Featured Artists

September 8 – October 2, 2022
Artists’ Reception: Saturday, September 10 from 5-7 PM

Malcolm Moses – Acrylics by Malcolm

Sandi Staples – The Beauty of Birds

Moses vibrantly captures images of the things that people enjoy putting them to canvas in this series of distinctive paintings.  Staples composes intricately detailed images using thousands of pieces of hand-broken glass to illustrate and celebrate the beauty of birds..

Forrest Goldade – Northwest Eclectic

Phyllis McDaniel – Our Natural World

Larey McDaniel – Time Travel

Goldade’s “Northwest Eclectic” evokes a love for colors of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. His is a palimpsest of past work and new; creating imagery that evoke a love of place.  Phyllis McDaniel presents “Our Natural World,” an exhibition of photographs showcasing local flora and fauna. Larey McDaniel presents “Time Travel,” a collection of steam train images photographed on film.

October 2022 Featured Artists

October 5 – November 6, 2022
Artists’ Reception: Saturday, October 8 from 5-7 PM

Lois Haskell and Donna Wallace: Two Styles, Two Visions, Inspired by Poetry

Poetry, like visual art, can evoke personal impressions. This unique show invites viewers to enjoy the visions of Lois Haskell and Donna Wallace, as they used the words of poets to inspire their individual expressions.

Sylvia Portillo: Tweet Chirp Twitter Hoot

“Tweet, Chirp, Twitter, Hoot” is an exhibit of the numerous birds Sylvia Portillo has drawn to share her love of those she has seen or hopes to see while living in the Pacific Northwest.  Sylvia says that the most interesting step towards making artwork about these beautiful, delicate creatures is the research required to turn intimate details into lifelike drawings.

Gallery Artists

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Rachel Wichlacz

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Dakota Dean
Spray Paint and Stencil

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Silena Wei Chen
Painterly Photography

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Zac Aquino
Acrylics and Mirrors

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Malcolm Moses
Acrylic on Canvas

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Patricia J Richardson
Oil Paintings on Canvas.

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