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May 2022 Featured Artists

May 5 – June 5, 2022
Artists’ Reception Friday, May 13 – 6-8 PM

Leanna Leitzke: Joyful Colors

Leanna Leitzke presents her new collection of 2-D art. Viewers can enjoy the colors and imagery of an optimistic sense of life, nature and beautiful adventures, painted on canvas with both acrylics and oils.

Joel and Lori Soderberg: Color Shift

Joel and Lori Soderberg present a colorful, new collection of fused glass wall-hung and functional pieces. “Color Shift” is a new, experimental  style of fused glass that explores the transitions across the color spectrum; expressing moods and evoking emotions through different tones, shades and forms.

June 2022 Featured Artists

June 9 – July 3, 2022
Artists’ Reception Friday, June 10 – 6-8 PM

Irena Jablonski: Silent Voices

Jablonski has always been intrigued by the human vulnerability in coping with the surrounding world. Her dream-like paintings depict human beings caught unguarded in this dramatic and mysterious struggle. Her decades-long affair with oil paintings and charcoal pencils allows her to present this quiet yet disturbing exhibition.

Sobia Shuaib: Untamed

In her new, never-before-seen collection, Sobia lets loose and embraces the collision of her two sides – the frivolous and the pragmatic. Her talent for creating drama is on full display. Realistic works take on a dreamy aspect that allows the viewer to grow their enjoyment of her work the more they look at it.

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Rachel Wichlacz

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Dakota Dean
Spray Paint and Stencil

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Silena Wei Chen
Painterly Photography

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Zac Aquino
Acrylics and Mirrors

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Malcolm Moses
Acrylic on Canvas

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Parklane Gallery welcomes
Patricia J Richardson
Oil Paintings on Canvas.

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