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June, 2021


Julia Goloshubin and Marcus Howell

Painting primarily with oil because of the vibrancy of color and versatility of paint, Julia Goloshubin presents beautiful relaxing places that only exist on canvas and whimsical creatures that make us smile. Marcus Howell presents FACES. A face conveys so much and by capturing those expressions in art, their story can be told.


Jeff Lane and Sandi McGuire

The Pantanal is the largest wetland in the world. World traveler and photographer Jeff Lane presents wildlife images he was privileged to capture from this area, including jaguars. Sandi McGuire is both a master gardener and a talented watercolor artist. McGuire presents floral watercolors that combine her love of painting with her appreciation of the natural beauty of botanicals.


 June 10 – July 4, 2021


July, 2021

Featured Artist: Lois Haskell, A Sense of Peace

Lois Haskell presents a show of landscapes inspired by the misty beauty of the Northwest.  Pieces depict scenes that bring a sense of calm and respect for the natural wonders around us. Haskell uses soft grays and misty blues with an occasional jolt of color to draw the viewer into the landscape and inspire a sense of peace.

July Featured Artist: Leanna Leitzke, Eclectic Collection

Leanna Leitzke has painted all of her life. Her mother supported her artistic ideas and introduced her to French impressionists and Italian masters. This self-taught artist paints her everyday impressions. She enjoys discovering different techniques and is excited by not knowing how a painting will turn out. This is why her approach to creating artwork takes on many eclectic styles.


August, 2021

Piyush Arora and John Cannon

Piyush Arora presents acrylic pour and resin-based paintings inspired by the themes of ocean, waves and water. John Cannon presents a series of country and city images, day and night that express a sense of place and the emotion of light.

Lisa Marie Kostal and Sobia Shuaib

Lisa Marie Kostal presents images of sublime skies and maritime waterways on the West Coast. Sobia Shuaib presents her Beautiful Creatures collection of classically modern paintings that capture the body and essence of various creature


2021 Small Works / Miniatures

November 4, 2021 – January 2, 2022

Parklane Gallery will host its Winter Show of Miniatures and Small Works. These small treasures will be on display through January 2 at the gallery as well as available on our online store. Two-dimensional artwork, including photography and digital art, will be shown. Awards will be given including Best of Show for Miniatures, Best of Show for Small Works, plus numerous specialty and subject matter awards.


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