Heidi Barnett: Organic Pointalism

“I have a deep love for color and life! For many years I found myself being very confined in my art like it was repetitious and stagnate. Painting in a way felt very typical. Verging on boring. I am not a fan of straight lines or picture perfect, yet my art kept on going in that direction. I needed to break it up. I began taking more chances, focusing on color and not the object and to break up the restriction of lines straying from the confines of a paint brush and using other objects which helped prevent me from getting too tight.

I love the circular shape which I get from various items. You see in many of my paintings the circular shape breaks away the lines and the circle gives you a sense of movement. I am very excited about the work I am creating today and believe it shows a true sense of who I am. I will continue to work to share my love of life, color and texture on canvas. It is my passion and my voice in the world.”
– Heidi Barnett

“Under the Arctic Sky” by Heidi Barnett

Turn the sound on and watch the video full screen.


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