Featured Artists

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Selected Works by our January Featured  Artists

Parklane Gallery’s 31st year begins with shows at the front of the gallery by two Featured Artists: Jeanette Stofleth and Kimberly Adams.

Jeaette Stofleth presents Rebirth. Stofleth presents a project that reflects the continuum of soul and the awakening of spirit featuring shimmering water images, mirage-like patterns and fire elements. Color movement corresponds to the energies of life-force impressions representing the Vajrayana essences: indestructible eternal “wind.” In black, awareness cuts off of extreme clarity while brilliant light energy refracts circle prisms — enjoying their beauty.

Kimberly Adams presents Exploration of Color. Finger painting artist Kimberly Adams brings us an exploration of color. Her paintings ignite the imagination with vibrant, textured oil paint as she re-envisions the ordinary with an impressionistic twist.