January 2023

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Aziza Saliev speak about her January 2023 featured artist show.
Turn on the audio and view full screen to view Lois Haskell’s January, 2023 Featured Artist Show at Parklane Gallery

 October 5 – November 6, 2022

Sylvia Portillo
Tweet Chirp Twitter Hoot

“Tweet, Chirp, Twitter, Hoot” is an exhibit of the numerous birds Sylvia Portillo has drawn to share her love of those she has seen or hopes to see while living in the Pacific Northwest.  Sylvia says that the most interesting step towards making artwork about these beautiful, delicate creatures is the research required to turn intimate details into lifelike drawings.

Lois Haskell and Donna Wallace
Two Styles, Two Visions, Inspired by Poetry

Poetry, like visual art, can evoke personal impressions. This unique show invites viewers to enjoy the visions of Lois Haskell and Donna Wallace, as they used the words of poets to inspire their individual expressions.

Parklane is open Wed – Sun 11 AM – 6 PM. Artwork can also be viewed anytime at our online store during the show dates.