Color Swatch Basket – Sally Prangley

annealed steel wire + paper


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If I owned a paint company, this is what my paint swatches would look like-- the colors all mixed up! I would love to name the colors of paint, but I understand this is a very competitive field so I will remain happy creating baskets about colors. I’ve devised my own techniques that blend basketry, wirework, and paperwork to make baskets like  this. I sandwich each panel of colors and patterns in between two horizontal bands of annealed steel wire: one on the inside and one on the outside of the basket. These bands define the squares for the swatches. Colors are added by layering small torn pieces of paper to the underlayment with paint brush and glue. The finished basket is solid and able to hold objects or simply hold your attention. Vintage buttons decorate the center of the basket’s base, and the basket is sealed for use.