Arohika Verma

I am an artist based in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle and inspired by  its majestic coastline, evergreen landscape, rainy weather, and spectacular mountains. I love to create peaceful work that celebrates the beauty around me. My color palette preferences reflect the tranquility and purity of my subjects like water and landscapes. Water attracts me especially due to its calmness, with the knowledge that there is immense strength and power within it.

I paint using acrylics. When I start a painting, I draw inspiration from organic patterns , nature and my travel photographs and then let my intuition guide it. My process of creation, how it starts and evolves after many layers of paints, washes, marks, and brush strokes is meditative for me.  Art allows me  to play upon images and ideas to evoke a contemplation between physical and metaphoric.

 My intention is to capture the mood and the nostalgic feelings allowing the viewer to make their own personal connection with my art.