Bear Carpenter

“In my paintings, I capture the things in life that surround us as we go about our day. The light and color contrasts of sky, water and waves never disappoint. In the quiet and even bustling moments, the streets, cars and buildings that represent daily living inspire me.”

Raised in Oceanside, CA, Bear’s painting skills were first shaped by public school arts programs. His talent for watercolor was recognized in high school, a time when the 1970s surf scene also began influencing his artwork. During a community college mentorship with San Diego watercolorist, Dan Camp, Bear honed techniques in studio and plein air painting of local landmarks and beach scenes. He made the switch to acrylic painting in 2015, yet many years as a watercolorist inform his techniques and range of style today. Bear’s work is mostly self-taught but still reflects an appreciation of streetscapes, historic buildings and ocean waves. And though surfing days are long gone, Bear continues finding new inspiration on Puget Sound.

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