Corina Linden

Corina Linden’s work centers on the spaces where we find meaning, peace, and joy. She is interested in the power of nature to renew and connect us, and often works en plein air to refresh this vision. She approaches her still-life work with that same sense of exploration and wonder.

Gowing up in the Sonoran Desert, Corina found the greatest peace down wild mountain trails, among the brush and boulders and wide, distant vistas.  For the last three decades, it has been the lushness of the Pacific Northwest that has been her inspiration. For Corina, art is about beauty and truth, and is it also about connection, a feeling or thought conveyed directly from one mind to another.  Like reading a great poem from another age, or greeting an old friend, viewing a piece of art can give us the joy of recognition and shared meaning. These experiences restore us.

Corina received her art training at Gage Academy and has a PhD from the University of Washington. She lives and works in Capitol Hill.

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