Corina Linden

Peace and beauty are often found in the small things, especially during difficult times. I approach my still-life work with that sense of mindfulness and wonder. I am also interested in the power of landscape to renew and connect us. I work en plein air as often as possible to refresh this vision and to connect with the community that loves and shares these spaces.
One of my last great expeditions before Covid was a summer pilgrimage across Southern France. I retraced the steps of Vincent van Gogh, to the places where he lived and painted, through field after field of sunflowers. I believe that we could all use a sunny summer escape right about now. Art can be a way to keep that warmth and memory of adventure in focus. The Summer with Van Gogh Collection is based on my time in Paris, Arles, and Saint-Remy-de-Provence, and inspired by his still lifes of sunflowers.