Donna Covey

What is the role of nostalgia in our lives? And how does it shape our memories and our view of the past? For artist Donna Covey, nostalgia plays a crucial role in her paintings, which often feature buildings and landscapes that evoke memories for her and for others.

Donna’s paintings are not simply nostalgic scenes from the past. They are also a way of understanding the present. “Whether I think it is beautiful or plain when I observe a building, I’m not necessarily interested in painting the building in its entirety,” she says. “Instead, I focus on the lines, shapes, and textures of that particular building to create an overall interesting and pleasing composition within the margins of my canvas.”

Covey graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in design from San Jose State University. It was there in her first college drawing class that her evolution began discovering what buildings and signs could present and what now is her “signature” style.

Covey has shown her paintings including solo shows in several notable galleries and venues, including the Arata Fine Art Gallery in San Francisco, Variety Children’s Charity in San Francisco, Napa Valley Public Library in Napa, and Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California.

Donna aspires to project whimsy, daring interpretations, and happy memories through her paintings. For her, art is about more than just aesthetically pleasing images– it’s about conveying a message and bringing joy to others.

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