Donna Wallace

My love of drawing is expressed in most of my work; more specifically, the sense of flowing lines following the motion of hand & arm as they sweep down the page. It is rare that I paint anything without first working out an underdrawing or later touching colored pencil to paint in order to refine the linear expression. Another recurring theme that I love to explore is the juxtaposition of abstract pattern with very structured, detailed and “realistic” elements or subjects. The interaction and layering of these two opposites fascinates me and lends a depth to the work. I think that this is why I’ve gravitated to the technique of using water media on crinkled masa paper: the watercolor will find it’s own way of expressing itself if I relax and don’t try to over-restrain it. The further application of layered paint and colored pencil add tone and detail which in my eyes is a perfect counterpoint the random backdrop. Whether painting trees, florals or wildlife, behind all my work is a combination of playful abstraction, flowing line and finely drawn details.

You can view Donna Wallace’s current art in the Parklane Gallery Online Store,  on her website: and find a retrospective of her works at


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