Ed Thayer

My life has always been inspired and informed by art, nature, and geometry. Nature is an exquisite dance of order, chaos and connectedness: constantly blending and moving toward a balance of the tension, flexibility, and interrelatedness of elements, arriving at elegant forms momentarily capturing these relationships and the dynamic processes shaping them.
Our ability to imagine, to see and understand the ever changing movements of the world around us is weakly encoded in the mathematics I took away from my doctoral thesis in differential geometry from University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1994. The rigid discipline of that training, learning to see shapes in equations, translating complex thoughts into linear progressions of logical steps – keeping an eye on both the distant, vague gestalt and the proximal, tight details – in many ways feels like my sculpting process. The sculptures I yearn to create capture these abstract, beautiful, curves and bends in the rigid mediums of bronze and stone born from the tick-tock of our physical world.

You can view Ed Thayer’s current art in the Parklane Gallery Online Store and  see a retrospective of his works at  parklanegallery.zenfolio.com/edthayer


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