Eileen Marcotte

Relief work – Carving out my world

Spring collection

Dead of winter waiting for spring

Flowers make me happy, especially during the cold, dark winters. They represent new life, sunshine growth.

When I am making art, I am in my zone.

Gourds are like life. Make it happen.

Will it be too thin to carve? Eileen, you need to have thick skin.

Will it yield to my whims?  Don’t be a diva.

Will it let me have my vision, or does this gourd decide its path, putting my vision aside?.

Will I have to find another path? Have plan B.

What if it cracks? Design opportunity!

Have fun. Get serious.

Let the process happen. Trust.

You can’t build it in a day. Patience.

Don’t screw up. Relax

Focus.  Thoughts so scattered

Let it go. In the zone

Try to force it. It fights back, breaking the saw blade, breaking me

It’s beautiful. Yes I am.

It does have value after all. Yes I do.

I live in Hayden, Idaho where beauty and wildlife abound. Nature inspires me. Seasons invigorate me .

I am published in Complete book of Gourd Carving (Jim Widess and Ginger Summit and Gourd Crafts (Ginger Summit).