Ellen Kenny
Jewelry and Design

Ellen, born and raised in Lynnwood, WA, grew up figure skating and skated professionally with Disney on Ice, Ice Capades and Holiday on Ice.
After skating professionally, Ellen began her career teaching ice skating, it was there where her passion for design and creation grew. Inspired by nature, the ocean and things that sparkle, Ellen now loves combining different materials to make beautiful jewelry and wearable art.
Ellen’s journey to making jewelry began after she started enhancing her own skating accessories, which quickly became conversation pieces. She ventured into designing for others, and her first wardrobe enhancement was for a famous Seattle Rockstar, where she added crystals to a pair of his shoes.
In 2019, Ellen started Ellen Kenny Jewelry and Design, LLC, where every piece is assembled by her, uses unique lightweight materials, and has subtle details that set them apart from other designers. An example of this is her collaborations with local artist Kimberly Leo. Their friendship, love of art and sparkles generated the idea for Ellen to incorporate some of Kimberly’s resin drips into her jewelry. The result; some amazing, repurposed art and unique jewelry. Inspiration comes from many places, follow Ellen’s journey on Instagram: @Ellen_Kenny_Jewelry_and_Design.

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