Gale Johansen

After receiving a diploma in Commercial Art at The Burnley School of Professional Art in Seattle and a B.F.A. in Printmaking at the University of Washington, I worked as a freelance graphic designer for a short time.  The spontaneity and freedom of working on my personal art drew me away from the commercial realm permanently.

 My art has been described as playful, humorous, and wild.  Discarded or under-appreciated bits of flotsam are transformed into whimsical works of art.  Bowling balls, fishing floats, coconut purses, flattened bottle caps, bits of string, thrift store finds, gourds, pistachio nuts, dog fur . . . nothing is off limits.   Combining disparate items to form a cohesive colorful piece is my goal, along with minimizing my contribution to landfills.  If the viewer gets a chuckle along the way, so much the better.  Often the title hints at a hidden meaning, but they are meant to be interpreted by each individual viewer.


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