Gina Hanzsek

Collage and Mixed Media

Recycle, Repurpose, Reposition & Compose… Collage is a surprise juxtaposition of familiar elements – made new by association.  I especially enjoy the tactile aspect of collage, the arrangement and rearrangement of elements that take me down unexpected paths and bring ahha moments as I find a narrative or simply an intriguing composition with places for the eye to wander. I have a few different series that I move back and forth between. The Tea Cup series, the Box Series, the Vintage Series, Paper Cut Series and 3D Object Series. As an artist, I constantly want to try something new, expanding my horizons inwards and outwards. I draw inspiration from my family history, my travels and hikes, and my sketchbooks. My collages and assemblages have been shown at numerous venues throughout Western Washington, yearly, since 2004.

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