Heidi Barnett

I have a deep love for color and life! For many years I found myself being very confined in my art like it was repetitious and stagnate. Painting in a way felt very typical. Verging on boring. I am not a fan of straight lines or picture perfect, yet my art kept on going in that direction. I needed to break it up. I began taking more chances, focusing on color and not the object and to break up the restriction of lines straying from the confines of a paint brush and using other objects which helped prevent me from getting to tight.

I love the circular shape which I get from various items. You see in many of my paintings the circular shape breaks away the lines and the circle gives you a sense of movement. I am very excited about the work I am creating today and believe it shows a true sense of who I am. I will continue to work to share my love of life, color and texture on canvas. It is my passion and my voice in the world.

You can view Heidi’s current art at Parklane Gallery’s Online Store and a retrospective of her work at parklanegallery.zenfolio.com/heidibarnett/

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