Jean Shaffer

Bio: Jean Shaffer is a native Washingtonian jewelry artist and metalsmith. She took her first metal fabrication class in 2002 and was hooked. In 2011, she left a long career in program and project management to go back to school and learn metalsmithing skills. She radically changed direction to become a jewelry artist driven by the desire to create with her own hands and transform her ideas into real-world objects.

In 2014, Jean earned a Certificate in Jewelry Design from North Seattle College, established her home studio, and founded her jewelry business, Jean Shaffer Art.

Artist Statement: My Corrugated Jewelry is all about texture and contrast. The corrugation process creates ridges, peaks and valleys in the metal that catch the light and reflect from many angles. A dark patina is applied to some pieces to heighten the contrast. Her Corrugated earrings, pendants and necklaces are made using fine silver, sterling silver, and 24K gold. The gold is permanently fused to fine silver through a Korean process called “Keum-Boo” to provide rich, warm accents to some pieces.

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