Joann Wadge

Joann’s ceramic sculptures are organic in form and inspired by the multitude of images in the natural world. Her process is strictly intuitive; clay anchors her to the earth, informs her sense of place in the world and fires her imagination. When Joann creates, she chooses to re-imagine, not replicate these natural objects, and uses them as springboards to create her organic work.

Joann’s sculptural artwork primarily consists of hand building techniques. She takes a piece of raw clay and gives it a textured existence. Joann uses different glazes, stains, encaustic wax and firing techniques to achieve the colors of her inspirations. Metal, wood, fabric, and other materials may be added to elaborate or exaggerate the sculptural narrative. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

Joann juried into the 2016, 2018, 2019 Kirkland Art Center Artists’ Exhibition. She won an award and an honorable mention at the Kenmore Art Show 2017. Recently she juried into the Collective Visions Gallery show 2023 and the EAFA/MIVAL show. She won an award at the EAFA show. She was a participant in the Kirkland Artist Studio tour and the Woodinville Studio Tour.


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