Joe Wilkinson

This body of work is interested in identity and a way in which we are constructed. Process takes on a paramount role in these pieces through moment by moment decisions, ending up each as a unique individual. None are pre planned. Every slab of clay used is cut randomly as needed and is placed in regards to what connections are available, creating a new history and body. These “architectures” become characters with a flow of movement resembling anything from a human gesture to a modern cityscape. Some have a utility as others simply exist to challenge the observer to seek which angle of perception inspires their curiosity.

Joe Wilkinson received his BFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder and his MFA from Michigan State University. His work in clay began in 2008 finding inspiration in the material at the Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge, Colorado. Post graduate school 2016,  Joe moved to Seattle, WA to start his career finding a welcoming arts community at Pottery Northwest, Seward Park Clay Studio, Rat City Studio and Rain City Clay. He lives and shares studio space with his girlfriend, Studio Potter, Deborah Schwartzkopf.

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