John Cannon

I was born in Salina Kansas and got my BA in Architecture. I knew I wanted to be an architect since I was 12 years old. I didn’t consider myself an artist until much later in life. I  accepted art as something I could do as part of being an architect. I  practiced architecture  for over 30 years. My sketching talent and visualization skills have come naturally to me. But they are a gift, and I have not so much learned them as I have nurtured them. The economy hastened my retirement from architecture and I returned to my first love, which is art, and am experiencing a renaissance of it in my being. I know so much yet know so little of it and I venture out to see what I can do.
I am completely self taught and have learned to embrace failure as a means by which I grow beyond what I think my limits may be. The creative process is a fascination.

You can view John Cannon’s current art in Parklane Gallery’s Online Store and find many of his earlier works at

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