Jon Bradham

I was going blind

I have been drawing and painting from early childhood. However, I have also been going blind since childhood due to a condition called Keratoconus. 20 years ago, my eye doctors had exhausted all the known solutions and my eyesight had become so poor that I was on the verge of giving up my lifelong passion, drawing and painting. Luckily, I found a cutting edge eye doctor, Dr. Rotkis, in Seattle that restored my sight through cornea transplant – I am so thankful for this doctor and for the organ donors! I use this new lease on my eyesight every day to improve my craft as an artist.

Why I paint
I experience joy when I see beauty – in a landscape, in a cityscape, in wildlife, in people – and I want to communicate and share that joy with others. When I see a scene that captivates me, I unconsciously start painting it in my mind. As I look back on paintings, no matter when painted, I can remember the day and what inspired me. I re-experience that initial joy when my art makes a connection with another.

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