Kevin Ducoing

I talk to wood and it answers.  That to me sums up my love for printmaking, which has been my passion for many years.  The process is complicated and requires patience, focus, and an unexplainable desire to carve intricate patterns. 

I begin with a sketch which I fill in with colored pencils.  This determines the sequence as you work from lightest to darkest.  I then transfer the sketch onto a block of wood and begin by carving away where I want the white of the paper to show through.  I then print my lightest color using oil based inks.  After each printing, I return to the block and carve away where I want that color to stay and print my next color (up to fifteen colors per block).  Once the process is completed the block is destroyed and no further prints can be pulled from it, so each print is an original work of art.

I lived in Alaska for 38 years, and during that time I taught middle school art for over 20 years.  I received my Masters of Fine Art in printmaking in 2009 from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.  My love for nature which encompasses both the spectacular landscapes and incredible wildlife feeds my creativity and channels my talents.


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