Laurie Ragan Anderson

Curriculum Vitae:

Ms Ragan holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science from the University of Washington.  She was born and raised in Seattle and has adamantly pursued art throughout her life, engaging in mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, macramé, batiking, tie dye, copper enameling, embroidery, photography, poetry, music, singing and dance.

Ms Ragan has recently been prolifically creating, showing and selling watercolor paintings in Seattle and across Washington State. 

Artist Statement: 

Ms Ragan enjoys the uncontrolled journey and expression that watercolors provide. She appreciates the excitement and passionate reactions from her viewers as they feel a refreshing, thrilling visual experience. She always seeks to create something new, adventurous, and to exude a wild, improvised, unlimited variety of style, color, topics, mood, and techniques.  She hopes her viewers enjoy her paintings as much as she does creating them!

About the Watercolor Paintings:

Ms Ragan’s paintings are finished with waterproof wax, so they can be displayed as is, without glass. The frames are solid wood, and the finished paintings are so lightweight they can be hung anywhere with a single pushpin. 

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