Lisa DeBaets

An award winning artist, Lisa DeBaets views her work as two-dimensional sculptures, molding and building layers while staying intuitively open to the possibilities of each painting.  She begins, using bold, expressive strokes responding to the different media, reflecting the spontaneity and joy felt while sliding paint across the surface. She says, “color is my thing!”

Inspired by the beauty of God’s creation, her husband’s joyful smile, and the love in her little dog’s eyes, Lisa, while painting in numerous styles in the past, is currently having great success with expressive, exciting abstracts done in mixed water media on a variety of surfaces.

She used to be a storm chase driver. Now she flies by the seat of her pants. (Shh don’t tell) 😉 Taking watercolor classes brought out her love of being with people. She found herself going to class and starting an Urban Sketchers group just to be with people. Through experimentation, she fell in love with color, different media and how they move together on canvas and paper. Paper towels and squirt bottles are her best friends (except people). She still loves people and feel that love is what you see when you view her creations.

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