Lisa Marie Kostal

Photography was my first love. From shooting and developing film; to printing, matting, and framing black and white images – it saw me through my youth; accompanied me to school; and ushered me into adulthood. It taught me to be still; to notice; and to look for the essence in people, places, and things.

Along the way, life got busy… a career and raising a family took up most of my time. And even though my camera began to collect dust, I continued the practice of noticing, listening, and being still. 

Once my family was grown, I began spending time again with my first love.  And oh what joy; what happiness; what a feeling of homecoming! Although the tools and processes have evolved, I’m still captivated by it all – from taking a photograph to hand creating each piece. And with the advent of digital photography, my creative process can now include color!

In the years since my youth, I have come to know this much is true:  

You don’t make a photograph with just your camera.

Rather you bring to the art of photography

all the pictures you have seen, all the books you have read,

all the music you have heard, all the people you have loved”  

~Ansel Adams


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