Maëry Lanahan

Artist Statement

I am compelled to make art that illustrates life beyond the surface.
What does a promise look like? How about a conversation between two people that lasts a lifetime? I use non-representational color and form to illustrate emotions, archetypes, psychological exchanges, or other such things that are not otherwise visible to us. Because I choose when to show gravity, perspective, color and light, I am able to emote through them. I glaze thin layers of oil paint to create rich and luminescent shapes that interrelate based on the concept I have in mind for the piece.
I propose these conceptual paintings as authentically as I can. I am always excited to hear how the viewers see it. In some ways it is like cloud watching, we tend to see in the clouds what is already within us. In this way, my art is about discovery.

Artist Bio

Maëry Lanahan was born and raised in the Midwest. She received her BAE from The Ohio State University. She has exhibited in Ohio and Washington and has artwork in many private collections across the U.S. Maëry Lanahan now lives and works in Shoreline, Washington.

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