Maura Freeman

 Maura Freeman was born in Pacific Palisades, CA and worked as a nurse and psychotherapist. She has always engaged in some form of art. Her current body of work focuses on her two biggest sources of inspiration: nature and imagination. 

Maura became interested in natural found items as a child growing up in Rustic Canyon. This was the beginning of the fertile ground of paradox where meaning is created and also discovered. 

Maura’s ability to see what the natural item is calling to become is unique and brings playfulness to the forefront. Each of her pieces is unique, magical, enchanting and infused with its own identity.

Maura can distinguish shapes and details in the blink of an eye. Walking on a trail it’s as if the twig whispers that it needs to be a frog, a seed pod that needs to become a face. It is rare to find her in the forest without collecting items many would not see or think to use.

Maura’s goal is to spark your imagination to further enliven what you see and hear and her hope is that you will carry imagination into the forest

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