Rob Tilley

I bought my first single lens reflex camera more than 35 years ago when I traveled to Japan at the age of 15. Since then I have always been fascinated by photography and travel. During college I photographed for our college yearbook and spent many long hours in the darkroom developing black and white prints. After graduating, however, I decided to be practical and pursue a career in financial services. While I did not completely give up my photography, I was only able to photograph intermittently for many years. In 1992, I decided to take a photography course at Northeastern University since I lived in Boston at the time. In 2003, I decided to quit my day job so I could focus exclusively on photography.
While most graphic arts start with a blank canvas, photography is the exact opposite. A photographer’s greatest challenge is to create order out of chaos. I strive to create images that are graphically bold and simple, as well as emotionally moving, creating a bond between the subject and the viewer. I also enjoy using the visual impact of color in relation to all of our senses. My photography encompasses a wide variety of subjects to create images that convey the magic and beauty of the natural world and enable the viewer to feel the wonder and awe that I experience while photographing it.

You can view Rob Tilley’s current art in the Parklane Gallery Online Store and  see a retrospective of his works at


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