Sally Prangley

Wire and paper— two materials I can’t get enough of! The wire serves as my outline, the paper as my illustration, filling in the details within the wire shapes. The titles of my artwork hint at the concepts behind them, most often life experiences, puns, or simply things I love. I use wire as fine as thread to as thick as rope. As for paper, if my scissors can cut it, I’ll use it. I appreciate the process of taking tightly coiled wire on a spool and combining it with flat paper and transforming these materials into unexpected 3-dimensional objects.

I blend traditional basketry and wirework techniques to create wire objects. All work is done by hand, freeform, using only wire and whatever materials I include in the construction, most often paper, found objects, or vintage beads and buttons. I’ve drawn, painted, and created mixed-media art for more than 35 years. I minored in art history at Northwestern University and received my MBA in marketing from the George Washington University. I live in my hometown of Seattle after many years on the east coast.