Sandi Staples

Local mosaic artist Sandi Staples enjoys creating unique mosaics for gallery, indoor and outdoor home settings from her Everett, WA studio. Her fascination with the colors, texture and possibilities of stained glass mosaic art and the beauty of expression through glass is her driving force.
Mosaics are a work of love and labor which cultures have used to tell stories and preserve history for over 2000 years. Each tesserae – the pieces of glass which compose the mosaics – is painstakingly hand cut from glass and arranged. The pieces are then cemented, grouted and polished. It takes many times more hours to create a mosaic than it would to create a painting of similar design.
Sandi has participated in several local exhibits. She also enjoys teaching mosaic classes and is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists.

You can view Sandi Staple’s current art in the Parklane Gallery Online Store and find a retrospective of her works at