Shrunga Malavalli

Shrunga Malavalli, born in 1996 in West Virginia, and raised in Bangalore, India, currently resides in Bellevue, Washington. She is an emerging self-taught artist with a multidisciplinary approach, exploring expression through painting, drawing, and collage. Having only started painting as recently as 2020 during the pandemic, Malavalli is fast gaining recognition for her emotive subjects and the captivating blend of abstraction and realism in her works. She draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of her Indian heritage and her experiences navigating a multicultural world where personal identity is constantly in a state of flux. Her chosen imagery invites viewers to examine cultural blind-spots, learn from the diversity of experience across communities, explore humanity’s place in the natural world and to foster a reconnection with the feminine essence within.

Utilizing a diverse range of mediums on canvas and canvas panel, the artist primarily works with oil and acrylic paint, supplemented by inks, charcoal, molding paste, cold wax, and other materials to infuse energy, texture, and expressiveness into the artwork. Malavalli’s art embodies a unique language that eloquently conveys her emotional depth, a reflection of her personal journey of strength, resilience and the bravery to start anew. Her work has received acclaim for its ethereal and contemplative qualities. The realistic, literal elements serve to ground the viewer in familiar experience, while abstract components encourage them to transcend form and discover their connection to the spirit of the piece, a connection completed only through their own sense of wonder and imagination.

A goal of Shrunga’s work is to inspire the viewer’s creativity and encourage an appreciation for all the stages throughout the artistic process. Many layers of the painting are intentionally left visible until the completion of the work, creating a record of the artistic journey within the piece, inviting the viewer to observe closely and understand the evolving process.

Despite her emerging status, Shrunga Malavalli’s artistry has attracted the attention of collectors, both nationally and internationally, seeking new diverse voices that have long gone underrepresented in art. Her contributions to the vibrant art scene of the greater Seattle area reflect a promising young artist poised to make a significant impact in the evolving landscape of contemporary art, bridging cultures and providing a fresh powerful voice to speak to the experience of the Indian diaspora in today’s America.

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