Sobia Shuaib

Sobia is a contemporary artist with work focusing on the emotional and physical entity of people and nature. She enjoys playing with colors to get across the meaning in each work.
Born and raised in Pakistan, she grew up in a culture where art was considered a hobby, not a profession. So while  she worked on portraits and figures in her  free time, her formal studies focused on business and finance. She credits watching her father painting in his free time as her foundation in painting.
Sobia’s artwork is a play of colors and design which incorporates detailed realism and a flair of whimsy. She continues to experiment in her work, which can be seen evolving through her different pieces.
She hopes to continue to create and to engage others in her journey of discovery.

Click Here to view a short video of Sobia talking about her June, 2022 Featured Artist Show: “Untamed”.

You can view Sobia Shuaib’s current art  on her website: and find a retrospective of her works at


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