Steve Kennedy

 As a lifelong artist I have experimented with many mediums over the years, but found myself drawn to paper-cutting after traveling through Oaxaca, Mexico. Vibrant scenes of black-and-white stenciled wall art and hanging paper-cuts sparked inspiration and an interest to begin mastering this culturally-rich and ancient art form whose roots go back to 4th century China.
With a love for nostalgia, many of my original paper-cut ideas originate from vintage slides and photos resourced via estate sales, antique shops or on-line collections. Other works are more contemporary, drawing inspiration from past world travels. Finding the right starting point can be a long process of sorting through hundreds of images, looking for the right combination of story-telling quality, character, interest, and a composition that lends itself well to visual re-interpretation.
All of my pieces are hand cut from a single sheet of paper using an Xacto knife. For framing, most are sandwiched between two pieces of glass and floated above a darker background for depth and contrast. Some work is mounted directly to an acid-free matboard with colored paper or separately-cut, smaller pieces occasionally added in for detail.