Stephen Zapantis

Photographing people, creatures, objects and scenes with the intent to visually communicate a small but fateful emotion or human gesture is paramount to his work. Working mostly in black & white utilizing both the analogue and digital process, he relies on available light to emphasize these moments. His photographs are usually made on the streets, public places and in nature by responding to something momentous he wants to share.

That being said does not mean all of his art is void of color. Embracing the technical attributes of digital photography, treating it a different medium, he creates colorful abstract and photo-collage images that express his own personal thoughts and emotions. By doing so it allows him to create freely using the best attributes of both the analogue and digital processes. This approach in his own words, ”enables me to both observe and react to the world I inhabit and my own subconscious.”

Stephen received his b.f.a from the School of Visual Arts, NYC. He has taught black and white photography at the University of Richmond in Virginia and privately to other artists, individuals and small groups. After years of working with other visual artists, he is excited to now have the opportunity to devote all of his time to his photography.