Sue Robertson

I am an intuitive or process painter, and I usually do not know where a painting is going when I start it. Whatever I am painting comes from my imagination, and the subject is merely a vehicle for the color and stroke. I continually experiment with new mediums and tools to create my work, and my work is consistently colorful, loose and textured with many layers.
My figurative abstract paintings have been described by viewers as spiritual, ethnic, alien, ethereal or whimsical. I keep my titles somewhat vague to let the viewer make up their own story about the paintings.
With my non-objective abstract paintings I usually start laying down textures before I have selected a palette. The textures lead me to palette choice, and the palette is usually a warm one. I make decisions about the painting as it develops and sometimes do not know where it is going until I am there, and then I name the piece. Other times I may make a decision somewhere along the way about what the painting is saying to me, and that leads to the name.
I paint because it brings me great joy, and for me it is about the process or the journey.

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